Small Business Website Design Seminar

What Every Business Owner Needs to Know about Participating in the Process, Working with a Designer and Producing a Site that Works for Your Business

On the web, first impressions are everything; so make your business website as professional and inviting as possible. If you need to create a website for your small business or want to improve your existing site, take this workshop to learn how to work with a graphic designer or web developer, what you should expect to pay, and what you can do yourself. You’ll take away the knowledge that you need for this essential business tool.

This workshop is geared toward business owners who are either getting started with their first website or have an existing website that they would like to improve. During this workshop, we will walk participants through the standard design process for a website and show them how to make design decisions themselves or find and work with a design professional to take their website to the next level of quality and customer satisfaction.

Web developer and small business owner Becky Davis will demystify the process of getting your Web site online. During this seminar, you will learn:

  • Why online branding is important to your business
  • Why planning for the site structure and content is so critical
  • What you can do yourself and when you should hire a professional
  • How to talk to a Web designer and developer and how to shop for each
  • What is actually involved in the design and development process
  • Why keeping control of your domain is so important
  • Tips on how to┬ámarket your site and get a leg up on your competition!

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At SCORE Chicago
500 W. Madison, Suite 1150