Design Articles A great article on the process the designers went through to re-design an iconic magazine site. Best lesson – get the user to the content they want and don’t interrupt them. A great article on the whole “process” from the designers perspective. I think the author went to my seminar!
This site has a ton of good and often humorous articles. Of particular interest, check out his Beginners Guide and 7 ways to Annoy Your Users
Best quote – “The fantasy people have a lot of times is that they’re just simply going to be able to call a web designer and say, ‘Make me a web site and show it to me in two weeks when it’s all done.”
Learn from others’ mistakes
He’s got a nice basic do and don’t list
A great article on creating a site for usability If content is king, please write it well. And yet another reason why my magic wand doesn’t work and I can’t design your site without your participation; leadership has to come from you. “Design is the language that supports the strategy that promotes the product, which is imagined by people that believe in the vision”.