Advanced Custom Fields and Complex Layouts

design w/ code

One of the most frustrating points for a site owner is how and where to add content on their site. By creating themes with custom fields, developers can make this part simple for their clients; even with complex layouts.

What does a website cost?

If you went into a Home Depot and asked how much a new kitchen was would you expect a direct answer?

Organizing a large site with taxonomies & facets

1 post, multiple terms

Setting up a site with a lot of content is a challenge. I solved it in this example by making all of the navigation category links instead of individual posts and by using custom taxonomies and facets to filter the results even further.

WordPress is Not for Everyone

coding languages

WordPress has become a buzzword that a lot of people don’t really understand. Do you want to “convert” your site to WordPress, because that’s what everyone tells you? It’s not always the best course of action.

E-Commerce in WordPress

E-commerce in WordPress

Installing an ecommerce plugin in WordPress is not hard, getting all the assets and information you need to make it work is another matter.

Content needs to speak to your audience

It started with a bunch of guys in wigs.

I went to a presentation on a really wonderful website;¬†Our Constitutional Rights. This sight was put together by professional ad man turned amateur web guy, who thought it was important that young people understand what the Constitution is all about. This site is an amazing example of how content can and should speak to it’s […]

Trends in Social Networking

Ways to Market your Website and How Social Networking can work for a Small Business. It’s never about you and your service/goods, it’s always about solving a problem for your customer. Value is determined by the buyer not the seller.

How to Hire a Web Designer

Linked in is one way to find a web designer

You’re hiring someone because they have skills that you don’t; so how do you know they have the right skill set necessary for your site?

Domain Names – Who controls yours?

Always have control of your domain

This subject is probably the most important thing I cover in my seminars and after what I just went through this morning with one of my own clients, it bears repeating again. Just so we’re all on the same page – a domain name is the address of your website. This site’s domain is […]