Additional Resources


There are many, many kinds of e-commerce solutions out there. If you want to sell something online, it will really payoff to do some research first and find the right solution for you. Below is just a small sample of what is available.
For simple ecommerce, a great place to setup an account so that you can take credit cards and sell product and services online. Product images and buy buttons on your own site can also just be linked to alternative shopping services like Amazon.
One of many companies that offer shopping cart, merchant gateway, inventory and customer list services for a monthly fee.
Open source software that can be installed on your site, so you can set up inventory and handle sales. You will need the help of a developer to get it set-up, but it does give you a way to manage your own inventory and sales. Works with PayPal or a merchant account.

A plugin for WordPress sites that allows you to have a fully functional cart as part of your site.


Several sites that are set up so you can have a free blog without having to setup your own. Your site can have a direct link to these.

WordPress can set you up with a free blog, or if you go to, provide free software so you can set up your own blog on your own hosted site. WordPress started as a blogging platform, but it’s really a content management system, that can be customized to pretty much anything you need in a site. This site is self-hosted site, built with the WordPress software available at

Free Software

FireFTP, an FTP program that works as a Firefox plugin, right in the browser.

Irfanview, a nice easy to use piece of software for editing image files. Not a replacement for Photoshop, but an alternative if image cropping, resizing, etc. is all that’s needed.

Gimp, a more complex, open source alternative to Photoshop.

Komodo Edit, a Dreamweaver like open source software for creating and editing web pages.

Sublime Text, a text only code editor. I love using it.

Where to find out who owns a domain name and if yours is listed properly. Want to improve your sites loading speed? This site has some great tools and information to help you see what can be improved. The biggest issue that’s the easiest to fix? Make sure your images aren’t too big and have been optimized properly.